FFI on Friday: FFI Global Conference keynote speaker Barnet Schecter

FFI on Friday is pleased to feature Barnet Schecter, an independent historian whose books include “The Battle for New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution.” He is delivering a keynote at the FFI Global Conference in October, entitled “It’s A Family Affair: Conquering New York, from Revolution to Rising Seas.”

How Positive Psychology Can Help Family Enterprises Flourish

The FFI Practitioner podcast is pleased to host Doug Gray, PhD, discussing the field of positive psychology and how its research findings can help family business advisors with their clients.

Doug Gray, PhD, is a consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group, co-founder of Assess Next Gen, LLC, and CEO of Action Learning Associates, LLC, as well as an author, speaker, researcher, and FFI member. He has worked with over 10,000 leaders in multiple business sectors, schools and colleges, families and non-profits. He is the author of Objectives + Key Results (OKR) Leadership; How to Apply Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce to Your Career, Team or Organization.

Differences Among Family Firms: What the Research Shows

The FFI Practitioner podcast is pleased to host GEN Faculty member and FFI Fellow Francesco Barbera, discussing heterogeneity among family firms. This discussion uses as its launching point the FFI GEN course 501, “Evidence-Based Advising: Using Research to Empower Family Enterprises.”

Francesco Barbera, PhD, FFI Fellow, is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at The Ted Rogers School of Management at Toronto Metropolitan University. The recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Reviewer for Family Business Review and co-recipient of the 2019 FBR Best Article Award, he researches a wide range of economic issues applied to family business and entrepreneurship.

Becoming a More Conscious Advisor

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host a conversation with GEN Faculty member and FFI Fellow Dennis Jaffe, Marta Widz, and Hakim Benbadra, to discuss models for managing conflict in enterprise families. This discussion uses as its launching point the FFI GEN course 502, “Evolving Family Enterprise Governance: Right-Fitting Governance Across Generations.”

Dennis Jaffe, PhD, FFI Fellow, is a professor emeritus of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University and is currently Senior Research Fellow at BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors. A recipient of the FFI Richard Beckhard Practice Award and of the FFI International Award, Dennis has published and presented widely in the field of family enterprise.

Marta Widz, PhD, is a member of FFI, IFERA, and AOM and was co-chair of the 2020 FFI global conference program committee. A specialist in governance, sustainability, and family offices, she has worked with large, global, and multigenerational family businesses. She is currently working with family offices at the Wealth Management Institute in Singapore.

Hakim Benbadra, ACFBA, is the VIP and Family Business Director of the Africa CEO Forum. He has an in-depth knowledge of the issues at the heart of African family businesses. Hakim works closely with owners and CEOs of family businesses across Africa supporting them in their development. He organizes events and programs dedicated to family entrepreneurs such as the Family Business Summit.

For a transcript, click here.

Research Applied: FBR Précis on A Family Imprinting Approach to Nurturing Willing Successors

For this week’s FFI Practitioner podcast, we are pleased to feature Pilar Marques, Associate Professor of Strategy and Family Business at the University of Girona in Spain. She is the first author of the September 2022 Family Business Review article “A Family Imprinting Approach to Nurturing Willing Successors: Evidence from Centennial Family Firms.” Family Business Review was the first scholarly journal to be published in the field of family enterprise and is part of the Research branch of FFI.

A Nordic Perspective on Family Office Impact Investing: An interview with Camille Korschun and Erik Wetter

This week’s FFI Practitioner podcast concludes our series of interviews with presenters from this year’s FFI Global Conference. In this conversation, Camille Korschun and Erik Wetter, both from the Stockholm School of Economics, discuss the unique attributes of family offices that make them well-suited to engage in impact investing. Camille and Erik also share lessons that advisors from around the world can learn from their research on Nordic family offices.

How Does an Aging Society Disrupt Enterprising Families? An interview with Maria Sinanis

This week’s FFI Practitioner podcast, which continues our series of interviews from the FFI Global Conference speakers, is a conversation with Maria Sinanis of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group. At the 2022 FFI Global Conference, she presented the session “How Does an Aging Society Disrupt Enterprising Families?”

Recognizing Evolutionary Behavior in Enterprise Families: An interview with Andrew Gersick

For this week’s edition, FFI Practitioner is pleased to feature Andrew Gersick, a Visiting Researcher and Lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University and a Researcher in Computer Science at San Diego State University. At the 2022 FFI Global Conference, he and his father, Kelin Gersick of Lansberg Gersick Advisors, co-presented the session “The Demographics of Evolutionary Behavior: Exploring the essential ‘humanness’ of family enterprise leadership and continuity.”

Jon Quinn: The Evolving Dynamics of Next-Generation Philanthropy

FFI Practitioner is pleased to invite Jon Quinn, Deputy Director at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, to discuss the factors contributing to the rising generation’s philanthropic goals and decisions. In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic, a worldwide reckoning with racial injustice, and increased political polarization have transformed the dynamics of “next-generation philanthropy.”

Jason Jay: “Creating Climate Futures: Business in a changing world”

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host Jason Jay, Senior Lecturer and Director of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. Dr. Jay is presenting a keynote at the FFI Global Conference, entitled “Creating Climate Futures: Business in a changing world.”