Research Applied: FBR Précis on A Family Imprinting Approach to Nurturing Willing Successors

For this week’s FFI Practitioner podcast, we are pleased to feature Pilar Marques, Associate Professor of Strategy and Family Business at the University of Girona in Spain. She is the first author of the September 2022 Family Business Review article “A Family Imprinting Approach to Nurturing Willing Successors: Evidence from Centennial Family Firms.” Family Business Review was the first scholarly journal to be published in the field of family enterprise and is part of the Research branch of FFI.

A Nordic Perspective on Family Office Impact Investing: An interview with Camille Korschun and Erik Wetter

This week’s FFI Practitioner podcast concludes our series of interviews with presenters from this year’s FFI Global Conference. In this conversation, Camille Korschun and Erik Wetter, both from the Stockholm School of Economics, discuss the unique attributes of family offices that make them well-suited to engage in impact investing. Camille and Erik also share lessons that advisors from around the world can learn from their research on Nordic family offices.

How Does an Aging Society Disrupt Enterprising Families? An interview with Maria Sinanis

This week’s FFI Practitioner podcast, which continues our series of interviews from the FFI Global Conference speakers, is a conversation with Maria Sinanis of Cambridge Family Enterprise Group. At the 2022 FFI Global Conference, she presented the session “How Does an Aging Society Disrupt Enterprising Families?”

Recognizing Evolutionary Behavior in Enterprise Families: An interview with Andrew Gersick

For this week’s edition, FFI Practitioner is pleased to feature Andrew Gersick, a Visiting Researcher and Lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University and a Researcher in Computer Science at San Diego State University. At the 2022 FFI Global Conference, he and his father, Kelin Gersick of Lansberg Gersick Advisors, co-presented the session “The Demographics of Evolutionary Behavior: Exploring the essential ‘humanness’ of family enterprise leadership and continuity.”

Jon Quinn: The Evolving Dynamics of Next-Generation Philanthropy

FFI Practitioner is pleased to invite Jon Quinn, Deputy Director at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, to discuss the factors contributing to the rising generation’s philanthropic goals and decisions. In recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic, a worldwide reckoning with racial injustice, and increased political polarization have transformed the dynamics of “next-generation philanthropy.”

Jason Jay: “Creating Climate Futures: Business in a changing world”

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host Jason Jay, Senior Lecturer and Director of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. Dr. Jay is presenting a keynote at the FFI Global Conference, entitled “Creating Climate Futures: Business in a changing world.”

Research Applied: FBR Précis on When Family Business Meets Social Enterprise

FFI Practitioner is pleased to invite Robert Randolph to discuss his upcoming Family Business Review article, “When Family Business Meets Social Enterprise: An Integrative Review and Future Research Agenda,” cowritten with Benjamin Alexander, Kristen Madison, and Francesco Barbera. Dr. Randolph, assistant professor of family business management at Kennesaw State University, discusses the connections and the research gaps that emerge when social enterprise research and family business research are reviewed together.

Topics include
• the different strategies that family enterprises employ to address social goals
• how advisors and families can interpret social goals as being goals of economic resilience and renewal, rather than non-economic goals
• considering the significance of the family/community relationship
• the role of practitioners in considering where family-centered and community-centered value is being created in the enterprise

Rethinking the “Three Generations Rule” with Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host a conversation with family enterprise advisors Josh Baron and Rob Lachenauer, both from BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors and co-authors of the article “Do Most Family Businesses Really Fail by the Third Generation?” published in Harvard Business Review last year.

FBR Précis: Applying Family Science to Executive Compensation in Family Firms

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host a discussion with Anneleen Michiels, Isabel Botero, and Roland Kidwell, discussing their article, “Toward a Family Science Perspective on Executive Compensation in Family Firms: A Review and Research Agenda,” published in the March 2022 issue of Family Business Review.

“Falling in Love with the Future”: An interview with Mark Stevenson and Debbie Bing

FFI Practitioner is pleased to present an interview with Mark Stevenson and FFI Board chair Debbie Bing. Mark Stevenson is the 2021 recipient of the 2086 Society Applied Research grant as the 2022 FFI Futurenaut-in-Residence.

In this week’s podcast, Mark and Debbie discuss Mark’s role as Futurenaut-in-Residence, the important roles in environmental sustainability that are available to family enterprises and practitioners, and how to truly change minds.

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