Becoming a More Conscious Advisor

FFI Practitioner is pleased to host a conversation with GEN Faculty member and FFI Fellow Dennis Jaffe, Marta Widz, and Hakim Benbadra, to discuss models for managing conflict in enterprise families. This discussion uses as its launching point the FFI GEN course 502, “Evolving Family Enterprise Governance: Right-Fitting Governance Across Generations.”

Dennis Jaffe, PhD, FFI Fellow, is a professor emeritus of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University and is currently Senior Research Fellow at BanyanGlobal Family Business Advisors. A recipient of the FFI Richard Beckhard Practice Award and of the FFI International Award, Dennis has published and presented widely in the field of family enterprise.

Marta Widz, PhD, is a member of FFI, IFERA, and AOM and was co-chair of the 2020 FFI global conference program committee. A specialist in governance, sustainability, and family offices, she has worked with large, global, and multigenerational family businesses. She is currently working with family offices at the Wealth Management Institute in Singapore.

Hakim Benbadra, ACFBA, is the VIP and Family Business Director of the Africa CEO Forum. He has an in-depth knowledge of the issues at the heart of African family businesses. Hakim works closely with owners and CEOs of family businesses across Africa supporting them in their development. He organizes events and programs dedicated to family entrepreneurs such as the Family Business Summit.

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